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We cover the City of London; London Boroughs of Camden, Islington, Southwark, Lambeth; Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea; and the City of Westminster.



This is a public/private partnership, set up to develop a common understanding of, and to encourage innovative solutions for, freight transport and servicing activity in central London. It is an ongoing forum to develop:


  • An understanding of freight issues in central London.
  • Sustainable solutions for freight access and services issues in central London, taking full account of local economic, environmental and social factors.
  • Responses to proposed initiatives affecting freight and servicing.


We were established in 2006 by Central London Partnership and Transport for London and we’re currently based in the Transport Studies group at the University of Westminster.

As well as the central London boroughs, other key stakeholders include:


  • Service providers - freight transport, distribution and service companies and their industry associations, including Freight Transport Association, Brewery Logistics Group and Association of International Couriers and Express Services.
  • Local businesses and employers - receiving deliveries and requiring services such as retail outlets, restaurants, bars and pubs, supermarkets and corporate businesses.
  • Other public sector organisations - Greater London Authority (GLA) and the Metropolitan Police. Residents and visitors to central London


Membership of CLFQP is free of charge and open to individuals and organisations that have an interest in improving freight movement and servicing activity in central London. 

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