London's Freight Quality Partnerships

Welcome to London's first web-portal for the Capital's growing Freight Quality Partnership network. But to begin, exactly what is an FQP..?


It is a partnership between the freight industry, local government, local businesses, the local community, environmental groups and others with an interest in freight.


Why..? Because many freight operators just want to be able to deliver efficiently in London.  So raising awareness of freight's importance within Transport for London (TfL) and the boroughs is crucial – since it will help to ensure that every opportunity is used to get the message across that freight (deliveries and servicing) is of fundamental importance to London's development.


In short, an FQP's aim therefore is to develop an understanding of freight transport issues and problems, and then, to promote constructive solutions -  which means that the coordination between TfL, boroughs and FQPs will serve to further strengthen the willingness to act on and to realise freight issues at ‘street-level'.


For more information on an FQP local to you and to see whether it's something you'd like to be involved with – just click on the link of the FQP local to you

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